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10 Free Personal Website Templates to Boost Your Personal Branding

Personal websites play a vital role in building a successful personal brand. Every freelancer needs a personal portfolio site that enables him to always stay a step ahead in today’s highly competitive world of freelancing. For instance, professional graphic designers tend to have their personal website which enables them to manage their work samples and monitor their growth with time.

The following ten personal website templates will provide a perfect platform to take your personal brand to a completely new level. All of the templates listed below are quite amazing and free too!


  • Civic

Ever felt a need for an elegant and simple website template that is personal? If yes, Civic is for you! Its professionalism allows you to create a formal and productive work space with almost no effort. With Civic, you are a few steps away from launching your own online website.

Civic has a bold and centralized design. Any viewer who lands on your page will get to know you in no time with a lot of ease. The template is already divided into various sections such as education, portfolio, and references etc. Therefore, give Civic the trust it deserves and download it now!

  • Resume

Resume is a modernized and tidy personal website template that enables you to establish your personal brand. It is a highly decorated but clean website template that has a neat white background giving it a professional look. The smooth scroll effect and parallax scrolling are its standout features.

Resume uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework which makes is highly responsive. Check Resume out as soon as possible and reach new heights of personal branding.

  • Jackson

Jackson offers a simple user interface without the slightest compromise on the creativity. It works through Bootstrap Framework and thus Jackson is fully responsive. If you are a mobile user, you can rejoice as Jackson is mobile friendly. Its versatile and elegant design provides a perfect platform for you to get your work out there and do justice to your talent.

Jackson has a lot to offer when it comes to a rich site structure. It has a left sidebar navigation panel that loads the content on scroll and also contains a large banner. Use the banner to captivate your clients and also offer them to download your CV without much struggle.

  • Personify

If you are one of those who want to build a genuine professional career, Personify is the road to your success. Personify is a free website template that beautifies your workspace without actually messing things up. No matter how much you dig in, there is always more that Personify has to offer.

It has an off-canvas panel that unveils all the other sections of Personify. Other sections include resume, contact page, and a working form. One may argue that Personify is too simplistic, but that is what exactly makes it stand out. Do not delay it further and try Personify today!

  • Noah

Show the world what you have got in the most organized and captivating manner with Noah. Noah is a personal website template that allows you to craft online resumes, portfolios and what not.

With Noah it is not all about you, its functional contact page makes sure your viewers can get in touch with you and express their views. Another unique aspect of Noah is testimonial slider and overlay sidebar menu which makes it highly user-friendly. So give Noah a shot today and embark on the journey of success.

  • Personal

Personal is as personal as its name sounds. If you are looking for a quick and effective way to get online, Personal has got you covered. Have you been thinking about going online? It is time to put those thoughts into actions. Personal gives you all the good reasons to go for it.

Personal’s sleek and tidy design injects a sense of interest in the viewers. From filterable portfolio to animated statistics, Personal is just perfect. It comes with modern pricing plans and brand slider which ensure that you do not fall behind. Give Personal a shot today and see your brand prospering.

  • Ramirez

If you got a thing for graphics or you are a professional graphics designer, Ramirez is all you need. It is a stylish personal website template with popular fonts, colors, and icons.

Elegance has never been merged better with efficiency before. With a single page functionality, this template is highly efficient. Ramirez offers features like hover effect, tabular column and separate portfolio segment which is structured as a grid.

The template is built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. So unveil your potential to the world with Ramirez and download it now!

  • CVPortfolio

CVPortfolio provides with a perfect workspace to make your CV. Its modernized design perfectly translates your professional experience into words. Nevertheless, with CVPortfolio you can also do personal branding.


It is a single page template that has smooth scrolling effects and all the required web elements that you need. It also comes with a parallax scrolling segment that further enhances its modern feel. You can go for CVPortfolio if you are a photographer, designer or any freelancer. Do not waste any more time and go for CVPortfolio!

  • Book

Marketing your newly released book is not your headache anymore. Book is a personal website template with eye catching design. Book can be used for both hardcovers and e-books.

It is a single-page website layout with simple yet elegant user interface. From animated statistics to well-placed call-to-action buttons Book has a lot to offer. Give Book a chance and it will win over yours as well as reader’s hearts!

  • Maze

Beautiful. Clean. Efficient. Maze is your go-to if you are looking for a boost in personal branding. Its clean design and large workspace it is a full-width template with bold texts.

Maze is feature rich. It has subtle visual effects and is a single page template. Maze is surprisingly fast and responsive. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. Its cross-browser compatibility ensures that you never miss on your work. Check out Maze today!

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Thank you for reading this article. We hope we were able to help you choose the right template for you. If you need additional help from us, or have any questions regarding today’s article, please feel free to contact us below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can. 

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