ASmallOrange Coupon Code & Promotion Guide

For broad spectrum web hosting options, packs in some of the best cloud based services, green hosting options, and powerful servers. From simple personal hosting to shared hosting options, electronic business hosting, scalable cloud solutions, and custom solutions for dedicated site operations, ASmallOrange truly adds the tang to your web hosting flavors. If you are a new customer, then check out our latest ASmallOrange coupon code below and save up to 15% on your purchase. Check it out:

Best ASmallOrange Coupon Code

So how can we be sure that this is the best A Small Orange coupon code for your purchase in 2016? Well, the answer is pretty simple! We have looked through a ton of promotions and discount offerings that the company has offered, and we are pretty certain that 15% is the best deal you can get on hosting packages and other features the company offers.


We update this code list when we find, or hear of, a new great deal, so you can be sure you are saving the most money. If you find a new A Small Orange discount code or promotion, be sure to shoot us an email. We’re human, we miss things from time to time, just like everybody else :).


Additional ASmallOrange Promotions

In addition to the best coupon code we have found above, the company also runs other promotions as a way to recruit and retain customers. These are everything from flash sales for email list subscribers to seasonal deals to keep up with other providers in the industry. While 15% off any order is the best promotion now, at this very moment, check back often because this could change at any moment. A few additional promotions to watch out for:


Seasonal Sales and Other Promotions

There are plenty of other great offers and promotions from the premier hosting service of ASmallOrange. In addition to the year-round benefits, there are amazing holiday special bonus coupons which totally make shopping fun. These are a few promotions the company has run in the past:


  1. $12.50 hosting service – special Halloween deal to make shopping ‘scary’ good. ASmallOrange offered nearly 70% off their business hosting and web design services to serve up the best Halloween treat.
  2. 75% off hosting – As part of their holiday special coupons and Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the company offered an astounding 75% off all services on select purchases like dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud VPS purchase.
  3. 20% off first invoice – Throughout the year, A Small Orange introduced a special coupon that took 20% off the first invoice, and was best used for a large amount of website hosting, domain management services, website building services, and multi-domain business solutions. Look out for this one this year, you could end up saving a fifth of your entire purchase!
  4. 25% off – The company also offers seasonal deals for students and “back to school” specials, that are good for taking 25% off a customer’s purchase. Spring clearing deals also go up to 17% of the full hosting options. Watch out for these, as winter is coming to a close really fast!



ASmallOrange runs periodic giveways and partners with industry leaders to deliver excellent packages for their customers in their blog. These promotions are a great way to drum up new business and stay in front of the eyes of the consumer. These don’t happen very often, and usually occur when A Small Orange strikes a big deal or introduces a new product.


You can benefit from knowing:


Typically these are authored by industry leaders and experts, and the e-books and material cost upwards of $50. However ASO helps its business customers gather the same acumen for free.


Subscribe for the ASO newsletter to know more amount biggest upcoming savings of the month, best hosting deals, holiday promotionals, and new services added to their tech suite. Sign up today to know more, and see your full feature-set on a customizable dashboard.


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Best time to claim a Asmallorange discount

Claiming an ASmallOrange coupon code is tricky, and customers always wonder if they are claiming it at the right time. Well, here’s our two cents: if you are looking to build something, just build it and don’t worry too much about how much you could have saved if you caught a better deal. The main thing is that you’re saving money now, and that’s what counts. But when are some great times to take advantage of these great deals that A Small Orange is currently offering customers?


Investing in a new domain or building a new site

AsmallOrange has great deals for beginners and small businesses. Using ORANGE10, ORANGE15 or ORANGE30 promo codes, take 15-30% off your initial investment, get amazing customer support, and premium web builder features.


When you want to test a website for free

Set your own limits, share domain (multi-domains), and email options on a budget. Plans begin $20 per month; use flat $15 or $20 off and get your first month for free. If you don’t like what you see, avail the money back and opt out.


Personal hosting for less

Take 45% to 75% off depending on seasonal or holiday rebates, and get a year of hosting for less than $10 will full-feature support.


Migrating or Scaling business domains

Clementine managed and Cloud VPS options for 30% off is a terrific option to explore. Bulk transfers are a cinch too, with the deals applying to the entire package cost. Pack a punch to your existing business with dynamic ASO deals.


Why is ASmallOrange so awesome?

When I first started in the blogging world, I had no idea what ASmallOrange was or why I should have hosting with them. But after I created my first blog, and needed hosting for an Uber Fare Estimator, I chose ASmallOrange and have been very pleased ever since. This is a home-grown company that truly cares about their customers, which you won’t find very often.

ASmallOrange Coupon Code

ASmallOrange stands tall among several web hosting and domain building services for a host of reasons:


  • World class support – A 24×7 premium customer service team, specifically trained to troubleshoot all kinds of web hosting technical questions is always at hand. Questions about anything from current plan benefits, scalability options (both upgrade and downgrade to different solutions), and any other issues and concerns are met with cheerful eagerness. No customer is too big, no plan is too small.
  • Integrity and Security – web hosting can be a tricky business, especially in this day and age when there is a consistent threat of enterprise hack, breaches, malware, and loss of sensitive data. ASO employs leading security experts with several years of industrial experience in handling data handling, data security and disaster recovery to ensure you pay not just for a high quality service but also a ‘peace of mind’ that is priceless.
  • Relationships – Customers are held in highest priority. In addition to support availability at all times, ASO ensures after-sales services are top class, repeat customers are given extra benefits, offer market leading rebates and promotional offers for new customers, and are forever in touch with their users. ASO doesn’t blindly sell a service, it invests in a long-term relationship which benefits all stakeholders and ensures commitment to the client vision.



First and foremost, typical hosting plans from are very competitive in terms of pricing. Unlike other hosting providers, ASmallOrange has some of the lowest prices in the industry, but does not skimp on features. Whether you’re looking for a simple shared hosting plan, or a full-blown dedicated server, this hosting provider has you covered.


So what makes them affordable? Let’s take a quick look:


  • Lowest level plans begin at $2.92/ month
  • Dedicated CPU management options using 3.5GHz, turbo 3.9 GHz CPU with 128 GB to 1 TB hard drives are available for less than $100, going up to a maximum of $175 per month.
  • Cloud VPS options range from low-medium storage options (30-75GB, $30-$45 a month), to business domain storage (250 GB, $150 per month).
  • The largest Reseller domains are available with 50 GB storage, 1500 GB of bandwidth, 100 hosted websites and 24-7 premium customer service, all for a mere $35/ mo.
  • Business solutions are all PCI compliant, come armed with FREE SSL certificate, and cost only $20 (startup, 40GB storage, 600 GB bandwidth), $40 (mid-sized e-business, 50 GB, 800 GB bandwidth) or $60 (full service corporate hosting, 60 GB, 1000 GB bandwidth) per month.


In addition, all solutions come with 99% uptime guarantee and blazing fast SSD servers which deliver up to 15 times better performance than traditional HDD servers. All this for no extra charge and additional rebates and dynamic promotional offers make it a cinch to decide in favor of their cost-effective plans.



The next most important feature of ASmallOrange hosting packages is the high level of security options that come with every hosting package. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is integrated into all hosting services, and especially the business hosting options from ASO. It ensures the customers don’t have to invest further in securing their online payment portals, storing transactional data, or sensitive information.


In addition, industry leading 128 and 256-bit encryption is used in free SSL certificates to make the entire hosting portal fully secure and hacker proof. Electronic information at all interface points are kept away from the prying eyes of malicious intent.


Low customer density ensures there’s enough headroom left for shared bandwidth, and in rare case of breach attempts, the affected hosting servers are easy to identify, quarantine, and clean.


Standard Asmallorange Features

A few features I love about this company are listed below. They not only stand out for their ease of use and amazing customer service, but also for a few features that are a bit more technical. Here are a few of my favorites:


Full suite DB management services

Putting trust in ASO’s business hosting and cloud VPS is easy. From day one, your eCommerce portal is buttressed with a strong support network of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and industry standard database management options to hit the road running.


99% up time

Top-shelf disaster recovery and data center management options. It adds up to a solution with 99% uptime – and it’s not just a tagline.



Full SFTP, FTP, SSH (jailed shell), database management capabilities (phpMyAdmin), cron job scheduling, and page building and customization options. ASO believes in letting the customer realize their vision.



Installing new software, shortcodes, plugins, email solutions, scripting, or file management options is as easy as letting Softaculous guide you through a few simple clicks. ASO takes care of the boring technology, so you can focus on your business!



Growing too fast? Need a bigger storage, bandwidth, or wider suite of email solutions? No worries, ASO has you covered. ASO’s clientele includes industry leaders and best-in-class businesses, so you know we can handle any challenge. Need to move to a new domain? Downsize your present operations? ASO will gladly share your vision, without trying to upsell.


Affiliate options

Dedicated Affiliate program managers and step-by-step processes let you pick up $50 for every referral, and every sign up which comes from you. Earning with ASO is rewarding. If you’re a blogger, web designer, developer, small business owner or copywriter – this is for you!


Industry leading technology

Solid-state-drive (SSD) storage stacked in (RAID 10) arrays to handle redundancy, Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors, and no compromise on technology … ever.


Hosting Plans Offered By a Small Orange

ASmallOrange Hosting Packages for A Small Orange coupon code post

A Small Orange offers a variety of hosting choices so the potential users can choose the best solution that meets their needs. They offer something for everyone, novice or expert alike. Need a dedicated server? Check. Shared hosting package to save you money? You got it! SSL Certificate? No problem! You get it, they offer a lot. You can choose among different choices of web hosting in several categories and these options are:


  1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting from ASmallOrange if by far one of the most popular hosting packages that the company offers. This type of plan uses ultra-fast SSD hard drives and comes with full service and support. If you choose one of those plans you’ll also get access to install and have access to a great number of scripts, such as eCommerce, forums, message boards, etc.

The shared hosting plans are:

Tiny – with 500MB Storage, Bandwidth 5GB, one domain – $35/year

Small – with 5GB Storage, Bandwidth 50GB, Unlimited domain – $5/month

Medium – with 15GB Storage, Bandwidth 150GB, Unlimited domain – $10/month

Large – with 30GB Storage, Bandwidth 500GB, Unlimited domain – $20/month

>View ASmallOrange shared hosting packages


  1. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting from ASmallOrange is another popular form of hosting that budding entrepreneurs online like to take advantage of. It’s simple: customers pay for the right to resell ASmallOrange hosting. They purchase it for a certain price, then mark it up and make a profit from the split. In turn, they don’t have to

Small – with 20 GB Storage, 250GB Bandwidth, 30 hosted sites – $15/month

Medium – with 25GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth, 50 hosted sites – $25/month

Large – with 50GB Storage, 1500GB Bandwidth, 100 hosted sites – $35/month

View ASmallOrange reseller hosting packages


  1. Business Web Hosting

With those plans you will get a free SSL certificate, and they will be hosted on PCI compliant servers that are regularly-scanned. They also let you use cPanel hosting control panel for full control.

Startup – with 40GB Storage, 600GB Bandwidth – $20/month

Small Business – with 50GB Storage, 800GB Bandwidth – $40/month

Enterprise – with 60GB Storage, 1000GB Bandwidth – $60/month

>View ASmallOrange business hosting packages


Keep in mind that you can use promotional codes, coupons and discount to get these plans for lower prices.

All plans also include:

  1. Good Performance – ASO hosting environment utilizes Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and solid-state-drive (SSD) driven storage in redundant (RAID 10) arrays as server hardware
  2. Custom Access – this host provider offers FTP & SFTP access, database management using phpMyAdmin, customizable error pages, cron job scheduling capabilities, and SSH (jailed shell) access.
  3. Email – ASO offers POP3, IMAP, and webmail access.
  4. Security and Reliability – this includes 99.% uptime guarantee, daily backups, IP-blocking, password-protected directories, and hotlink/leech.
  5. Software Access – you will get Softaculous script installer and in just few clicks you can get database-driven functional website.


Using A Small Orange hosting services will provide you with many advantages such as:

Proficient technical support all day long

According to the company, customer support is among the highly important responsibilities in hosting job. There is a full support experts available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.


Fully scalable hosting plans

ASO will offer you the additional storage space, bandwidth and performance if you need them.


Easy to use

Using cPanel you will get full control over your website.


Quality guaranteed

ASO offers a full money back guarantee within 90 days on all shared hosting plans as a quality guarantee. Also if you wish to quit after more than 90 days you will get a pro-rated refund for services that you didn’t use.


Two months free

When you pay for an annual plan, you get 2 months free hosting.


ASmallOrange Promotion Code FAQ

After we published this guide, we began getting a lot of questions surrounding ASmallOrange promotions and discount codes. So, to make life just a little bit easier, we condensed these questions, shortened their answers for simplicity, then included the answers in the questions below. Before you reach out with a question, take a look at the FAQ below.


Question 1: Can we stack ASmallOrange promotional codes?

View Answer

Yes. Not all of our coupon codes are stackable. The bulk percentage rebates are mostly single-use only. However, our flat amount off (taking $5, $10, or $20 off hosting plans) can be stacked depending on conditions stated.

Question 2: Is there a refund option for ASmallOrange hosting plans?

View Answer

Absolutely. The company loves new relationships and encourages customers to try out the services for 90 days. If you don’t like what they offer, they’ll will refund you the entire amount, no questions asked.

Question 3: Does ASmallOrange provide businesses critical support?

View Answer

They do! Their support staff are highly skilled in evaluating your impending business needs. They can study your traffic, networking needs, and suggest you solutions to meet your scale. Optimized solutions with emails, secure access, portability benefits, and back-end management will be provided.

Question 4: Are there any limitations or hidden caps to ASmallOrange hosting packages?

View Answer

There are no hidden caps or limitations enforced on server functionality to lure you to upgrade your account. ASmallOrange means it, when it says – “unlimited” subdomains, add-on domains, parked domains, databases, FTP accounts, email accounts, mailing lists, forwarders, and daily backups.

Question 5: Can customers run gaming services with multiple FTP/SFTP access to a single root with ASmallOrange?

View Answer

For sure! The company provides 5 dedicated IPs, so you can use one for each server. They can also handle all that bandwidth and traffic you estimate, just buy a dedicated hosting plan to match your scale of operation.

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